Hitting Cancel at any point will terminate the Setup and close the window. Based on the match, the application determines what action is intended. This process automatically returns to the control panel once complete. CAUTION To reduce the risk of the potentially hazardous situations associated with the use of isopropyl alcohol which may result in minor or moderate injury or property damage: Contact Technical Support for more information.

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3M MicroTouch Software MT7 – 3M Touch Systems – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Installing MT 7 Software Note: On some systems, you may need to run in single user mode run level 1 on some systems. If you downloaded the distribution, unzip the file into another mmicrotouch. Also on this screen is the Disk Cost button. Select the Main tab.

User guide | 3Mâ„¢ MicroTouchâ„¢ Software MT 7 User Guide

microtiuch If you need to have the package in a read-only directory, then decide on a writeable directory for the package to use. The Install script uses an X init script to launch these tasks. The MCVs are by weight in homogeneous materials.

Note that you must select one or more of the following controller support components to enable the previous tools.


From the Advanced Options dialog, select Enable Frequency Selection to activate this option on the Controller tab if you are using a capacitive EX-based controller. Changing this field will affect your multiple display setup. The Uninstall program also removes all MT 7 software entries from the system registry files. To determine the version of mh X server, issue the command X -version.

The Install script checks for udev support first. It is on most current distributions. This process automatically returns to the control panel once complete. By selecting this, MT 7 Software installs a blank cursor on your system.

Once the relevant micritouch items are selected, verify that the new items appear as subprojects in the Solution Explorer as shown in the picture below.

General Instructions Before installing the package, read below to see if any of these special situations apply to you.

Repeat the Calibration process until you are satisfied. After touching the sensor, quickly lift the pen and release the button.

If you run the Install script and then discover errors, always run the Remove script to undo the installation. With the changed setting above, a touch starts producing a right-click. Touch will return when the frequency has been changed.

However, if you have a customized directory structure or the installation script fails, you may need to edit the Install script and change one or more of the following script variables. The area you have defined appears as a colored area as shown below.



From the Advanced Options dialog, select Enable Controller Identifier Mucrotouch to activate this option on the controller tab.

Use the Touch Settings tab to define the touch actions that equate to mouse actions and add right-click functionality to the touch sensor. You can also use straight isopropyl alcohol. License Agreement The next screen you will be shown is the License agreement. You may need to redo the Sensor Frequency at this time.

Note that some systems may not show a touch digitizer driver option. These targets are yellow to begin with.

When you install MT 7 software, you have several installation options: Follow the onscreen instructions to remove MT 7 software. Touch Is Not Working If the controller information box on the Main Tab is grayed out and contains no information, the sensor is not communicating with the controller.

Touch the target firmly and precisely with your fingertip.