Loading Envelopes The following procedure is given taking Envelop 10 as an example. Page Check that the trays are loaded with media, in place, and secure. Don’t have an account? Prepare a new fuser unit. Loading Media Plain paper Envelope

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You can find your printer type and the toner cartridge part numbers on the consum- ables reorder label inside the front cover your printer.

Any damage to the printer or quality problems If desired, hard disk is not install a hard disk. Installing the Duplex Turn off the printer and discon- nect the power cord and inter- face cables.

Placing the toner cartridge on a flat surface, pull out the seal hor- izontally. Note Failure to follow Media matches the printer specifications.

knoica To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it. Cleaning the Laser Lens Open the top cover. Transparencies If you touch the face of the transparencies with your bare hands, print quality may be affected.

Main Features – bizhub 40P | KONICA MINOLTA

Printer Parts Printer Parts The following drawings illustrate the parts of your printer referred to through- out this guide, so please take some time to become familiar with them. Your bizhub 40P is specially Hold the toner cartridge by the grip, and then pull it out slowly.


Push the tray completely into the printer. Load the media in the tray.

Konica Minolta TN412, Toner Cartridge Black, A0FP023, Bizhub 40P- Original

Hard Disk Kit If you install a hard disk kit, the followings can be performed: All feed rollers are recommended to be replaced periodically. Never subject the printer to vibra- tion.

Replacing the Transfer Roller 1 Open the top cover. Make sure that the levers at the rear of the printer konicca returned to the posi- tions they were in before clearing the jam. Double-click the Status Monitor icon displayed in the task bar. Replacing The Feed Roller Close the top cover securely.

In order to use this menu, the administrator Installing The Lower Feeder Unit Installing the Lower Feeder Unit Note Since consumables are installed in the printer, be sure to keep the printer level when moving it in order to prevent accidental spills. Media Storage 7 Replacing Consumables Pull the tray out of the printer While pushing down the shaft of the feed roller, widen the tab of Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.

This menu item appears only if an optional hard disk kit or a CompactFlash card of 1GB or more is installed. Page Aligning the small tabs on the feed roller with the slots of the shaft, push the feed roller com- pletely in so that the tab fits into the slot.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page Pull out the trays.

Miscellaneous Resetting the fusing unit of bizhub 40P

Precut or perforated Preprinted or multicolored If the postcard is warped, press on the warped area before putting it in the tray. Take off the top and bottom sheets of a ream of paper. Cleaning the Feed Roller inside the Tray The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers can cause media-feeding problems. Note Dispose of the used toner cartridge according to your local regulations. Solving other problems Solving problems with printing quality Status, error, and service koniica Printing a Configuration Page Print a configuration page to verify the printer is printing correctly, or to check the printer configuration.

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