Anonymous October 12, at 5: Also mostly it involves hardware very simple modification usually just short circuit something to overclock laptop Splinter Cell Black List runs fps on lowest settings. I usually test games that I like or want to play and I test very slowly. I know Blizzard has lower requirements for their games and based on some benchmarks on notebookcheck, this IGP scores similarly to a GeForce M G a bit lower, actually. Tomb Raider , it was playable at the lowest setting possible even without configuring setting it lag sometimes though but it was clearly playable. Add the game in D3D list and play.

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Anonymous December 5, at Already got it, just need time to test.

44500mhd also graphics card must be connected to external monitor! For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number. I like gaming and know a lot about games not braggingbut I like older games more, so I am not fast at testing newer ones Do you already have an account?

List of Games tested on Intel GMA – Updating frequently | Augmentarium

I got maybe max20 FPS And with all low and resolution lowest it could get 30 Gmq So I never looked for configuration file or any tweaks I don’t know why it won’t run good on your laptop. I don’t see any vids about it yet so I was wonderin’: Just lower the resolution and texture quality Anonymous July 14, at 3: Scholarship Edition make sure you patch this game fully Metal Gear Solid: And whole game is in water gamng it is not playable.


If the two performed similarly, I’d prefer the X intl the more powerful cpu. Hence my search for the performance of the MHD. I’ve updated my post with more games. I’m really looking for a notebook thats very portable, has a very good battery life and is affordable.

This is going to be updated every time I test new game, I will add only games that I tested. Anonymous July 22, at 3: I will try to do it during week. Edited the title for clarification.

Games for Intel GMA MHD – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

I want to know what games can I run on it. One in particular I’m interested in is Fallout 3, but all I can find are the people who have no experience and base their claims on previous experience or ‘what the internet said’.

I’ve tried running Assassin’s Creed IV but it ain’t playable not 4500mhc giant lags but red stripes are all over the place. Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit.


Amitky June 10, at 5: Can u tell me how assasins creed brotherhood will run on mhd with 3gb ram and intel core 2 duo 2.

GMA 4500MHD – What games can it REALLY run?

Build quality above all but also unoptimized resource-hogging games metasynthieNov 14,in forum: I’d like to add Warhammer 40K: So I apologize in advance for starting a new thread in that respect. Gaming Software and Graphics Cards.

Street Fighter X Tekken intel gma m http: Here’s the games I’ve played or tried: Ghaith Al Hami December 28, at 4: May I ask something? Can you please try new games like: They just can’t take too much heat, and need good cooling.