This is in addition to the memory already pre-allocated. The amount reported can be modified or disabled if desired by changing the following registry value: Come visit the community Discord channel or the subreddit general chat! I actually did Phawx’s tweaks about 15mins ago, so I’ll be sure to go back and change that setting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I think it defaulted to 32MB and can even be as low as 16MB, but you want to leave a little bit for system start-up.

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If there’s not option in the BIOS this can’t be inteel. Also, it’s pretty clear that the timing is supported by now unless you’re suggesting that GPD might make new versions with RAM that doesn’t support the timings, which I doubt because they have enough problems as it is and they should be aware of the number of people making this BIOS change.

Sign up using Email and Password. I intek that’s fair enough. A value of 0 disables reporting the dummy memory segment. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

IntelĀ® HD Graphics Drivers and IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers

I’ll test your experience to see if its a similar situation with my win, itnel leave the timing to fast for a few days and see if it stops, but based on my observations, I doubt it. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.


Personally I would like to allocate less memory to the graphics, since currently it only leaves 2. But when the operating system reports the total system memory, it will include this amount, as opposed to pre-allocated memory.

Any help you can render is greatly appreciated! This is inte, addition to the memory already pre-allocated. The GPD Win and GPD Win 2 Wiki’s contain performance tips, troubleshooting guides, game ijtel, where to buy them, and videos dedicated to helping you get started with your new portable Windows handheld.

Want to add to the discussion? Indeed, not all OEMs allow modification of such settings.

I’m more the cautious type, and would therefore rather give people the option to take the chance, informed of the risk. When no graphics-intensive operations are occuring, most of the DVMT memory can be reallocated to the operating system for other uses.

All I really meant was no one has bricked their system yet, GPD being so active in the community would have stopped us by now if there was any real risk, and the reddit FAQ now suggests it openly without any real warnings.

We’ve long since concluded that it is svmt safe to make that change. Well, I’m a server engineer, not a desktop tech, so who knows. But the downside is, once allocated, this memory cannot be used by the operating system even when it is not in use. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.


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Come visit the community Discord channel or the subreddit general chat! This ensures that the graphics processor has a guaranteed amount of graphics memory. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If it was a major issue, Intel wouldn’t have released the feature and computer manufactures wouldn’t have it intell on by default with many not leaving BIOS options to turn it off.

graphics – Does linux support Intel DVMT? – Ask Ubuntu

I actually did Phawx’s tweaks about 15mins ago, so I’ll be sure to go back and change that setting. Sign up using Facebook. After that, it works perfectly. No posts about personally selling or buying a GPD Win.

Sign up or log in Sign itel using Google. Usually, the following configuration scheme is used:. I wouldn’t suggest that its ijtel safe, as phawx said, its entirely possible that if the timing isn’t supported by the ram, you wont have an opportunity to fix it if the system doesnt boot.

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