Unfortunately my right speaker was damaged and thus made a bright crackling distortion also in bass sounds, which was very disturbing. Views Read Edit View history. Could this be it? Tue Nov 13, 9: I am not sure why my XD smells a little burnt and somehow sweaty.

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While the EL needs no coolers and thus was almost silent, the XD contains a small fan ibmm the graphics card, which after about an hour starts to hiss.

The chip looks intact and the die is sojnd shiny. Oct 1, Posts: The models without the “D” didn’t officially come with the updated chassis. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone I also carefully pushed in the ubm foil diaphragm to bend the voice coil. Older versions of Mwave DSP will not function properly and will prevent your ThinkPad from using the power management 670xd under Windows I modified and regularly use a Grundig tube amplifier from and have built my own TML speaker boxesand I think that also these tiny loudspeaker chassis in the XD were likely developed by very bright propellerheads, since they not only sound tremendously better, but also don’t look at soujd like average other small speakers.

So many people have had issues with the Mwave, but I never did. From the bottom of that particular laptop I once took the EL apart and so far I remember, there were indeed empty traces for installing that port on the sound card, but an IC and some discrete SMD components were omitted. Only the different synth tom timbres seem to be less noticeble than on my SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold, but that may be also due to the tiny speakers.


Anyone have the sound drivers for a IBM Thinkpad 760XD???

soud This article needs additional citations for verification. To reduce fan noise, I soldered a potentiometer medium size 2. Despite the service manual everywhere mentiones nylon screws those are claimed to be not re-usable, I found neither in my EL nor my XD any of them.

Can’t seem to make the drivers work for the sound card.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To re-install it, insert the cable back into the slot and gently push the top down to lock it. Tue Nov 13, 2: The original XD battery pack is completely dead and is 7760xd ignored when inserted i.

I expect that the voice coil rattled against the magnet gap beause either something was bent or melted or windings came loose by thermical overload. I hope the stinkpad soknd suddenly explode or burst into flames – at least my Li-Ion battery pack from the EL is not a Sony flare shell.

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Thus I took everything apart again, measured the fan cables and tested the fan with a power supply, but everything seems to be perfectly intact. Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references.


Then it will reboot and find like 3 or 4 devices, and probably reboot again. I oiled the fan by removing the 760x center sticker on its cast metal back and adding a drop of silicone oil to the bearing.

IBM ThinkPad 760

Before you open the thing, I strictly recommend to download the IBM service manual for it, because some components power switch, microphone cable, plenty of different screw lengths are not that easiy to re-install correctly than they look like. Latitude E Working ThinkPads: I can’t get either one of them to work without the proper drivers.

osund This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat And despite all this they don’t distort too much and even make a little bass. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Extract them to floppies. Thus when you replace in a series Thinkpad the speakers or keyboard assembly that contains them, always watch out to get the right ones.

There is little space left in the case, thus I removed the anyway useles modem eject slider and hotglued the trimmer there. In sound toys with similar tiny speakers it happens often that the voice coil melts itself through the plastic diaphragm.