Screw Listing Screw Listing This appendix provides specification and reference information for the screws and screw locks used in the notebook. Close notebook and retest. Using System Restore Points By completing and submitting this form you consent to the use of your data in accordance with HP’s Privacy statement. Lift the front edge of the modem board 2 to disconnect it from the system board. Enabling Power-on Password Page 48 Troubleshooting Flowchart 2.

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Name Your Notebook Basics Of Protection Inserting A Primary Battery Pack Viewing The Current Country Selection Identifying Audio Jacks Removal And Replacement Procedures Then repeat the BIOS recovery procedure. Slide the system board to the left 3 at an angle and remove it.

Fan Removal and Replacement Procedures 6. Using The Ide Drive Light Double-click the file with an. Prepare the notebook for disassembly refer to 2.


Maintenance and Service Guide 6— Reinstalling The Operating System Please wait while we process your request.

Multibay Ii Drive Intel Pentium M 2. Prepare the notebook for disassembly 2. Setting A Multiboot Express Prompt Understanding Drive Terms Rated Input Power Tpm Enhanced Drivelock Connecting An S-video Device Choose a different product.

Troubleshooting Wireless Devices Power up on battery power?

Switch Cover Removal and Replacement Procedures 6. Disconnect the TouchPad cable 2 from the system board.

Avoiding Standby Or Hibernation Replacing The Hard Drive Thank you for your patience. Software Update And Recovery Using Presentation Mode Removing An Optical Disc without Power Reseat external hard drive. Page Specifications Lah altitude unpressurized Operating Correct drivers for application?