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In the 96 kHz mode the spectrum is reproduced completely, as it should be. ESI Juli sound card: The main DSP chip: The difference is not so large but it still makes itself felt. We have the new MAYA waiting to be released behind the corner but these might not be as special as Juli. Feel The Sunshine, Pulp Friction and some other test compositions with clear compressed mastering and timbre-catchy high frequency range.

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ESI [email protected] Sound Card

The upper part turns degrees ESI Juli sound card: These days, when we talk to the members of our professional exi community, we can see that the demand for a higher recording quality standard is getting more and more important, although we have to admit, that this is a [email protected] slow process. Rated 5 out of 5 by pladipunk from Juli saved my sound! So despite their rather high quality converters, such cards cannot be used for professional work.

I would advise downloading the latest drivers from the company website. We did research the market and the already available products. Using Sennheiser HD ohm impedance via the adapter caused no problems with sound. For consumer products, the need to support 96kHz, or even kHz, is growing at the same time, mostly because of the necessity to playback already available consumer media.

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Thorough audition in the same conditions, using the same cable and instantly switching between the cards did not reveal any difference in their sounding. No signal attenuation at -6 dB Unlike the situation with several other drivers, E-WDM guarantees the signal level exactly according to the existing standard.


When the linear input is tested in the balanced mode using LynxTwo, the frequency response gets worse in this test as well as in all the other ones. No Longer Available Update Location close. Besides, we carried out the following interesting experiment: Most main board manufacturers will have to make compromises which will possibly lower the audio quality. ESI plans to release new multi-channel solutions in the near future.

ESI [email protected]

The excellent frequency response is unmatched by any other products in this and even in higher price ranges. Operational amplifiers JRC hold well the low impedance load, though the Juli specification eso the load impedance of not less than ohm. Right now, we are just at the beginning of this development – in the future, there will be less and less DSP based products in the audio market and native processing solutions will get even more important.

Note the ideally steady frequency response graph and the ideally clear noise spectrum in the bit mode. If stability and excellent sound is your priority then by all [email protected] this card is for you.

This item is nonreturnable. Will Ezi respond with a solution featuring top-end converters at an affordable price? In today’s native processing environment, it is obvious that the value of a powerful driver providing low CPU load and low latency is considered much more valuable by professionals, compared to onboard DSP hardware.


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We are confident that optional soundcards will be available in the future, probably mostly for audio enthusiast and of course for professionals. After tests, product is better than manuf states. For the money this card is in a class by itself.

Juli is free from these drawbacks, it sounds true and clear. Still, it is not growing that fast, probably because of the reluctance of large media corporate to invest into better audio quality without having working Digital Rights Management solutions market ready.

Excellent performance, with very clean output. Multi-channel support It supports 5. If we still have an opportunity, we’ll update this article. Juli is a PCI based fsi interface for home studio recording applications. Can you share some of your plans with us? Mine would not work with the application CD. Now, professionals eis slowly starting to work with higher sample-rates in the production process, not only with the higher bit-rate.