I tried holding the post upright with my finger, and also with a pencil. I played with them a bit and the printer started working. I just pushed it a bit to the right, it clicked into place and off I went to continue scanning my documents. My friend send me a New One Epson Workforce and its have a paper Jam problem and there is no paper because its New. Pushing the ink carriage a little more to the right was all it took. So I took the advice and like everyone said, it worked. Sites on the internet suggest that you need to release and move the carriage out of the way so you can put blotting paper down before using the cleaning fluid.

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Just wanted to give a huge thank-you to the above poster. Thanks for the nice messages. You are a genius. I can’t x363a the post that you mean. I tried this fix as a last-ditch effort and it worked perfectly!

I then tried holding it in a vertical position while I pushed the carriage softly to the left to hold the post in the vertical position while the machine powered up again.

After all that frustration – a gentle push to the right! I had a small wad of epsin covered paper stuck behind the carriage.


I haven’t worked with the new printers. Thank you sooooo much for your help Gottaride. Then, when I turn on the printer, the print head cannot move. They had fortunately been mentioned in one prior post, and looks like sometimes you need to do this additional thing if keeping the post vertical doesn’t work!

Thank you very much, this has fixed our SX So I took the c36a and like everyone said, it worked. My friend send me a New One Epson Workforce and its have a paper Jam problem and there is no paper because its New. Even after I removed the paper, the error message stayed, but I was able to hold the “little white lever” up, during power up, then power down and back up normally.

Rodgz on Sep 27, at 2: I was epsin mad because I needed something printed in a hurry. I had the same problem. It has the power, wifi and ADF light flashing and epwon scanner head stopped half way through the warm up process. This may be a firmware bug where the carriage under some conditions will not perform a good POR.

Any ideas why this would wpson The printer is back in business! Works on WF too! Tried 8 million things, but this one worked. I get the post in the upright position and then the printer starts going though it’s process and puts the post back down and gives me the error.


I can move my ink container all the way over to the right, but the white post won’t go vertical. The Above solution work like a charm! The post must be in the up position or you will have a jam error.

Epson Workforce 600 Color Inkjet Printer C363a

Now power on your printer and it should perform a proper “power on reset” POR. This post saved my printer from the scrap heap as well. It is not an actual paper jam. The scanner thing that lights up and slides across the bed is the problem.

Epson WorkForce Driver & Downloads

Absolutely was five minutes away from just ordering another printer when I lucked onto this thread. Until I tried this. Thanks for your help.