No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of Compro Technology, Inc. The remote control sensor, which is plugged into the TV card, may be loose. Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the zoomed area of the image. If you see the Windows Logo testing message, you should ignore it and press Continue Anyway to proceed. If you have problems with watching, recording, or timeshifting live TV, please check the status of the drivers with Device Manager.

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About VideoMate S DVB-S Tuner Card |

ComproDTV starts recording the video source currently showing in the display window. The recorded copro from VCR has no sound? It is available to hear audio on multiple programs at the same time. If you have Autorun enabled, the installer will start automatically. When you return to your seat, you can resume viewing the program from the point when you left. IR Connect the IR receiver here. Disabled channels will not be shown when you use the channel Up and Down or channel surfing functions.

Then enter the new password in the field labeled Password and Confirm. Channel Surfing While watching TV, you can press the channel surfing button to multiple channel watching, the channel surfing feature displays a 4×4 grid of channel images to give you carrd overview of available programming.


If you see no response, please move your mouse cursor on the IR icon. Please use the form from below or email to support comprousa. teech

Scan the specific frequency ONLY This scanning xard will specifically scan a frequency; usually used when the signal is weak and has been lost during other type of scanning mode. TV card, and then remove the PC case cover.

CARTE SATELLITE VIDEO MATE S350 – Bab Ezzouar, Alger, Algeria -RawaJNet

When scanning in this mode, it will add the channels you have scanned to your channel list. Zooming image If you would like to see more details on a certain part of a video image, you can press the mouse right button to drag a zone of the screen.

You will see the zoomed image. Press the Record button. Still Image Seriss Click on the capture icon on the control panel or hit the “Space Bar” of the keyboard shortcut to capture an image of the display window. You may also use your mouse to press the cancel seriex. Keep in mind that not all options are available at all times, and may be grayed out or inaccessible depending on your hardware setup and TV services available.

Don’t have an account? You can change detail settings of ComproDTV here.

When contacting Compro for technical support, please use the Compro support request form and provide as much of the requested information as possible.


You can see w350/s300 screen capture dialog as below. If you have problems with watching, recording, or timeshifting live TV, please check the status of the drivers with Device Manager. Watch and record TV programs on your PC, in full-screen mode or in a window. Other names and marks are trademarks of their respective owners. Watch TV programs on your notebook, in full-screen mode or in a window.


You can see the window below. Please reduce the number of windows.

Just press the SLEEP button on the lower-right corner on the remote keypad, you will see a dialog as shown below. Additionally, VideoMate S also provides a Video capture function so that you can transfer videos from video devices to your PC.

And make sure as few cables as possible are crossing the IR receiver. If these drivers are not listed there, uninstalling and reinstalling the VideoMate TV drivers, it helps.

You can mute or un-mute the sound of sub window s at any time.

It will save it to a file on your disk.