I have confirmed that the X Tour even though it looked square at address does tend to pull the ball to the left on solid hits. This is a Callaway X 11 driver. This all-titanium, cc driver is designed for longer and straighter tee shots. Sometimes it goes very well, but it is too sensitive to use. In woods, adjusting the face thickness with VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness. I am now looking for a consistent 3 wood….

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I would switch back to my FT-3 during a round or on different days to double-check my swing, and drives were straight. I would highly recommend this club to anyone of any ability. He could not believe how long and straight it drives.

Nope,no rattle i mine. That combination of technology makes the X the long Tifanium to hit too.

I would definitely recommend this club to anyone due to its forgiveness in contact, ease and control of swing, and the overall feel of the driver when it makes contact on the ball.

Like the FT-3, there are two different models of X Had I figured out the tee height problem sooner I would have bettered my best round by a wide margin.

Callaway X Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

It seems to me that you should concentrate on getting the correct shaft for your style of golf. This is a Callaway X 11 driver. The Cxllaway was very straight to slightly left on all solid hits I thought that the X tour might be marginally longer and marginally flatter than the FT-3 tour.


The Callaway X Driver is an all-titanium cc driver with Consistent Alignment Sole and innovative weighting system. Your Reviews Callaway Drivers User Reviews 4 out of 5 X Tour 16 July By chris boulton i have the x touri hit it around 30 c460 further than my r7 well worth the cash.

Callaway X Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

So the engineers sought out to make not just a replacement to the but a quality, tour-performing driver. Given the opportunity I would recommend that you get fit for your driver, caplaway so many shafts out on the market and those available from Callaway the right loft and shaft combination are key.

And did not take long to go to Dicks for a driver. Starting with the original Big Bertha, Callaway has always been associated with quality, high-performance drivers. Callaway by Fujikura 60g regular flex graphite shaft.

Callaway X460 Drivers

The hollowed-out or Tru-Bore Technology is part of the S2H2 design, and allows the shaft tip to extend through the clubhead to the sole, which improves feel and control.

The club it replaced, a Taylor Made I hit further for sure. I tried most drivers out before choosing this one, and since making the move i have lowered my handicap by 10 stokes mainly because my drives no go straight. I think Calloway is misleading the public by stating that their Tour X sets up properly due to sole configuration.

I have played a couple of rounds with this driver. I have used X, but in most of hit I have experienced big slice. Callaway wanted a driver to not only replace the but to also improve performance and provide an alternative to the FT The driver does appear to have a slight hook face but I callawaay the adjustments at address.


So far, the club has delivered mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance.

Callaway X460 Graphite Driver

Variable Face Thickness Technology Variable Face Czllaway Technology cllaway designers to adjust the materials thickness in Callaway Golf woods and irons for improved performance.

It is not just when I hit a ball though it is all the time as if something is broken off inside the club head. About Callaway X Driver Shop the extensive inventory of golf clubs from brands like Callaway golf! Club is in good condition with wear from normal use, no major dings or scrapes.

I havent played for 20 yearsbought a Ram starter kit. This keeps a similar look and feel with previous Big Bertha models for those golfers looking for a replacement or upgrade to their old driver.

It arrived yesterday and I immediately took it out for an 18 hole test drive. Coming from the FT-3, the Titsnium is one loud stick!