Note that, unless you specify otherwise, the maximum amount of picture memory 80×7 will be allocated in that file label. All commands inherit from the BaseCommand class, which implements the standard Alpha packet format. It does not expose advanced run functionality. It says that I don’t have the right privileges. Sune Kaae 8-May

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RGB values in hexadecimal: UseMemoryPicture ” C” c. Anyway, apart from that, it’s great work. Other values are interpreted as black pixels.

Betabrite Prism Messaging Software (free) download Windows version

ToString End If Write dc. The version of the “Alpha Sign Communication Protocol” pnRev F, March currently available online does not document the additional colors of the Prism display. Dim bb As New BetaBrite. Multiple inputs, multiple outputs and multiple scheduled events are allowed. It is almost completely Privatehowever, you still need to provide the Sign object with a vetabrite port number.

Public Open method in Sign class re-instantiates BetaBrite. BetaBrite only understands version 1. I have one of these signs and it came with no cable or software.

This would not be hard to do, but I don’t think it’s very useful for PC-connected signs — I expect the PC to be overwriting the sign every few ebtabrite anyway. I thought about making the API generic enough to work with any Alpha sign, but then quickly decided that was a bad idea, because I don’t have any other Alpha signs to test betarbite. Here’s a quick glance at it: I spent the last week poring over the documentation; here’s what I found:.


Any attempt to allocate more memory later will destroy all the existing memory allocations!


All communications are in a standard packet beatbrite The sign communicates with the PC via a RS serial port connection at ,N,8,1.

Anything in the Alpha Protocol Documentation referring to 2. Thanks to the information from this project, the betabriteusb.

I spent the last week poring over the documentation; here’s what I found: I can write them the same way I can also write them on the classic displays, but I can’t get the additional colors to work. The main advantage of strings is that they can be dynamically updated without making the sign “flash”so think of them as variables.

Sune Kaae 8-May Although this is supported in the BetaBrite.

Betabrite Accessories

I’m assuming that there is no issue in my doing this? Note that file label “0” is a so-called “priority label” and is treated a little differently, but other than that, wincows all just named file labels for storing either Text, a String, or a Picture. The Betabrite links that I know of: UseMemoryText ” D” c, It is not possible, to send Small Dot picture files with more than getabrite 8 standard colors.


Internally, all Protocol commands are rendered into byte streams and automatically transported to the sign using Cory Smith’s DBComm class.

Additionally, if you want to preview a “pretty printed” version of the command, you can call the overridden ToString method for the command.

BetaBrite LED Sign API

They can only be “00”, “40”, “80”, or “C0”. Which is no problem! NET, because this one took me a while to wrap my head around. It works really well, and I’ve used it to great windoss with my BetaBrite sign.