The Averatec is a thin and light notebook made by Averatec. Averatec front side ports Averatec left side ports Averatec right side ports notice USB ports are all in the same location Averatec under side view Wireless: Microsoft Works is also included. Averatec Series Have you tried contacting Averatec for a clarification before you sue them?

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At some angles, the monitor looks mottled but you simply need to change the position of the screen. He became interested in electricity at the tender age of six, promptly demonstrated it by sticking a fork into a socket and starting a fire, and has been falling down technological mineshafts ever since.

Averatec recently introduced the AV that, on paper anyway, sounds like an improved version of the and costs about the same 4500, though there have been a few reports about it not starting. Battery is missing and one is not inclu Some laptop buyers may also find themselves at a loss when looking in the box: This is not a fault in this specific unit’s battery or charger but seems standard for the model; I’ve actually used two of these machines due to an odd concatenation of circumstances, and both behaved identically.

Do you already have an account? These went away with careful cleaning, but made me realize that the distance from the screen face to the keyboard was inadequate: Preowned unable to test it no charger for it This might be in working condition. Ben was born in Moscow, Russia in I recently bought a Averatec series notebook from Wal-Mart.


When using the battery only, the runs so hot that I can not hold it on my lap. I grabbed the source for it, compiled it, downloaded the Wind0ws drivers, and ran the installation procedure.

If I were to buy another notebook in the near future, it would not be an Averatec. Averatec front side ports Averatec left side ports Averatec right side ports notice USB ports are all in the same location Averatec under side view Wireless: When transferring images via the built-in memory card reader, it takes about three times longer than using an viedo USB 2 card reader in one of the three USB ports. In addition, the has the following: Averatec Series The battery life is disappointing.

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The keypads work well and are responsive for my needs but they do take some getting used to. Phonenix cME is confusing for someone like me who has only minimum technical computing expertise. The has a screen resolution of x He would gladly pay good money to any psychologist who can cure him of the recurrent nightmares. Unfortunately, I had no way to test it: I have to say, I’ve never expected to be able to upgrade a laptop to this extent, much less overclock it ClockGen doesn’t work on the series chipset.


What I found lacking on all of them were qualified viddootherwise known as reviews.

Averatec 5400 Series

The is an okay notebook in a lovely, thin body. Gail founded and runs the popular www.

ChutsmanAug 11, Chassis parts and screen are in good conditi Personally, I liked it; some people might be disconcerted. One of the nicer things about this machine is that it comes with 4 USB ports; considering that there are very few viedo ports, this is an absolute necessity.

Averatec Laptop

DC into it the above being the MAC address of the interface as shown by “ifconfig”and – voila! One of the pleasant touches with this machine is that Averatec has included a nice sturdy laptop carrying bag – not the fanciest thing in the world, but quite adequate and then some.

On a side note, I’ve also got a rpm GB hard drive on it’s way, which will run data twice as fast, for yet another significant bump in performance averagec OEM drive runs aprox 21MBps whereas the Seagate