The GeForce 4 range has proven in the reviews on this page to be faster than the competition, and this particular revision is the fastest of the lot. Legal basis for processing: Given that the there are currently very few games available that would really stress the v’s power, and there are unlikely to be any for a while yet, it’s still a safe choice. Which, at the end of the day, is all that really matters. To use them properly requires at least a hz refresh rate at one of the supported resolutions x will probably be used by most. I must note that the release of the Ti in this series in not entirely clear because the difference from the Ti in implementation of ASUS is inconsiderable only 15 MHz of the chip’s frequency , that is why experienced users would prefer the latter. Obviously, as the names state, pixel shaders operate on the final pixels rendered to the screen allowing advanced lighting and texturing effects and vertex shaders operate on the lowest form of geometry data – the vertices that make up each triangle.

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The box describes capabilities of the card and shows a name of the GPU. The back side of two cards contains an additional copper heatsink: I think Gainward has something to think of. Ask the online community a question right here, safely and anonymously!

– All You Need For Multimedia Visual Basic Programming

Even the memory of the Ti is faster than of ultar Ti Help others choose the best products The above photo shows the main outputs for the vgraphics card.


If you do want to use them, and they do do what they’re supposed to do, you’ll need a high quality monitor and not a TFT flat panel like I use. As usual, first of all, take a look at the list of the already reviewed cards based on the GeForce4 Ti. Video 3Digests Video cards: Both heatsinks are well matched deluze the configuration of the video cards.

Asus V8460 Ultra Deluxe GeForce 4 Ti4600 Review

Don’t wait for these discounts to slip away. Mac iMac ProAccessories.

Our customer satisfaction is among the best in the industry. As far as a relatively cheap by professional standards graphics card goes this has more than enough bells and whistles to keep most people happy.

New Arrivals The latest and most anticipated mobile phones to hit the shelves! Ultrx a development note, you don’t need to change your games at all to work with 3D glasses, likewise, you don’t need special in-game support to use them in ones you already own. Link to Manufacturer’s Website: However, given to the fact that the 3.

ASUS V8460 Ultra Deluxe

The general idea being that if you wait for D3D9 to appear along with it’s hardware you’ll either get a cheaper equivalent product or a better product for the same price. We’ve already alluded to the fact that ASUS usually distinguish their cards by modifying the ultraa design somewhat, usually with a bias towards increased performance. Firstly, this helps to reduce costs a little. And now let’s see what we have in the boxes apart from the cards. The ASUS Deluxe line has always managed to enchant us with the amount of features and the attention paid to the selection of only quality components.


Because the company considers itself such: Sure, you need a fairly fast and capable processor – but it’s of equal importance the features the card offers, and this product isn’t going to let the side down. Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair.

Ozone Rage ST headset. Design by Mateo Contact Webmaster. At least, they are elite and aristocratic to some degree.

ASUS certainly have put some thought into this card and thusly feel confident of offering a 3-year warranty. But several months have already passed since the GeForce4 Ti was released, and the Taiwanese company kept silence having offerred only copies of the reference cards at quite high prices we wrote about it in this review. The only rather pointless add on for this card is the 3D-Glasses, a nice idea, but really just not worth the hassle. ASUS, on the other hand, always seem to do things ever so slightly differently, and their reputation with respect to the quality of their motherboards is deserved.

Individual Game Tests The game tests built into 3D Mark test the entire system with respect to games, this is obviously highly dependent on the graphics ass, but is also going to stress the main CPU. Fill Rate tests are a very important aspect of the 3D pipeline. Above are the overall 3D Mark scores for the top 4 D3D8 generation graphics cards.