Windows Guide – Windows 10 Optimizations and Troubleshooting. What kind of computer, if dual processor, you will have to disable one within Sonar. Some of the devices have specific known issues i. Related Articles Mbox Drivers. Find More Posts by iamtheillusionist. The issue was not language, but rather that you forgot to tell us something.

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English Japanese Chinese Simplified. Hmmmm, is not exact IMHO: In fact always I’ve ever opened Sonar simply by clicking on the icon and in that case Sonar read a wrong config file with TEAC driver maybe. Control Panel unexpectedly quits when launching on non-English OS.

They purposly wrote drivers to only work good in pro tools. The issue was not language, but rather that you forgot to mboxx us something. Fixed an issue with launching the control panel on non-English systems.

Cannot choose MBox as an input | NI Community Forum

Don’t worry, your English was more than sufficient! Some of the devices have specific known issues i.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Standalone driver installers for these interfaces are available for download and include the device control panel. Mbxo OS X Shame on them Cj www. If so could I get you to email me if I give you my aaio But I really think the problem is 0.


Supports Mac OS X Shame on them Cj. I use Mbox 3rd gen, mini and pro also for the windows Win7 and Win8 default device and never had the problem. Thanks I know that pages and I tried to make troubleshooting following the solutions described there but was unsuccesfull experience.

If you can manage to do a “cleaner” uninstall of the Mbx software, you may get your Mbox drivers back, but there’s something else to try as well. The solution could be to solve better the uninstall for TEAC drivers? Control Panel no longer appears blank when OS X language is set to Simplified Chinese Fixed problem where monitoring of record-enabled channels in Pro Tools with Low Asoo Monitoring enabled would not function until a recording was made.

Russel, you’re right sorry for my not very clear explanation but this is my “best” english.

Happy Holidays!

Support for Pro Tools Their hardware runs only with their mbbox, and their software runs only with their hardware. Send a private message to iamtheillusionist.

Im not sure of the correct model of the mbox they did this for. Windows 7, 8, 8. In that window, try unchecking all of the TEAC drivers, if they’re still showing up and awio any ASIO drivers for other devices that might be showing upand only leave the Mbox drivers checked.


If you are using Pro Tools 9 use a driver specifically listed for Pro Tools 9. It only seems to show a driver for the Digi Eleven Rack?!? Latency was not all that great, but better than MME.

Hi all, I cannot seem to get my old trusty Mbox 2 Mini to work in Reaper, which should work in theory? They Mbox also had an update to support the dual core issue.

AAE error at lowest buffer setting on some older Macs Known issue: Id love to not have to spend more money on another interface Mitch. Restored repair function from within programs and features Fixed “Not enough space on DVD drive” error during installation Pro Tools 9.