Different non-reference board designs from vendors may lead to slight variations in actual TDP. Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 26 October Retrieved 23 January HD series , HD

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AMD FirePro

Retrieved and May Retrieved 27 May Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 26 October The end products i. Retrieved 27 August B First number indicates OEM cards.

Note that a branding series might include older generation chips. Some variants can also be soft-modded to a FireStream stream processor.

TeraScale 3 32 nm. Retrieved 23 March GCN 5 th gen.

Retrieved 28 November The device driver facilitates the configuration of diverse display group modes. Retrieved 18 April HD series, and IGP series.

FirePro™ WM | AMD

The Radeon line of video cards, although present in hardware, did not offer any support for stream processing until the HD series where beta level OpenCL 1. Because they use the same drivers Catalyst and are based on the same architectures and chipsets, the major differences are essentially limited to price and double-precision performance. Retrieved 29 July TeraScale 2 TeraScale 3.


Archived from the original on Retrieved 8 January See article on R’s pixel shaders.

Welcome to AMD | Processors | Graphics and Technology | AMD

Retrieved 20 July Their Radeon counterparts are suited towards video games and other consumer applications. AMD chipset series.

Retrieved 22 June Retrieved October 9, Bundles, Specs, And Aug. Retrieved 4 November This page was last edited on 24 Augustat It preferably used for frame buffer. Retrieved 14 March Render output units 2 The adm frequencies may vary in different usage scenarios, as ATI PowerPlay technology is implemented. Retrieved 25 May