For the former please see the Primary Command Syntax sections, and for the latter please see the Features sections. Generally, ignoreECC applies to redundant units. It also handles failure detection and report it by mail and syslog. In the information table, the Slot column lists the slot IDs, the Status column lists the status of each slot, the V Port column shows the associated port or virtual port of each slot, and finally, the Identify column lists the Identify setting of the slots. Eskalad and series 4. See the Port Object Messages section for more. However, since no calculations are taking place, the data will be static and remains unchanged.

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The two columns related to fan speed shows the level and RPM revolutions per minuteand finally, the Identify column lists the Identify setting of the fans. However, a reboot is required for the new image to take effect. There are three ‘Link Speed’ columns: Also, for this reason, in systems that support Basic Verify, auto-verify is set to ON by default.

This command reports the temperature status of the battery. Below is a summary of the commands for this feature. The following is a summary of the controller eeries specifications. The image will initiate the download immediately. The attribute rapidrecovery in the command may be abbreviated as “rrr”.

This command is supported on the SE with release 9. In effect, for these enclosures, the alarm is not mutable and would stay unmute.


You can continue using the original unit during this time. At this time both could be used for Drive Performance Monitor statistics. This command reports 1 the SATA link speed supported by the drive associated with the specified port and 2 the actual link speed that the specified port is set to.

Invalid attribute will terminate the loop. The ‘Device’ column is the device ID or handle. While these commands require the specification of the port each time, the controller-based commands do not and provide the information in a summary format.

If such action is needed, use the rebuild scheduling to handle it. The Adaptive setting tells the controller to keep its current background activity task policy 8000 it is the default.

3ware Storage Management CLI

The battery is estimated to last for 72 hours from the last tested date. BBU is functioning normally which means it is online and capable of backing up the write cache. Setting verify to basic creates a weekly schedule with one specific day and time, and disables the series of scheduling slots associated with the advanced verify serles schedule.

This command is effectively the same as the ‘set verify’ command. The rdcachebasic attribute instructs CLI to set the read cache mode on the newly created unit to Basic.

There is a tradeoff among the available settings. It is user’s responsibility to give unique or redundant names on all units. But supplies the user a means to specify a preferred day and time for a weekly seriss verify task to be executed. This command identifies the specified enclosure temperature sensor by setting the identify attribute to either ON or OFF, if there is an LED associated and if the enclosure supports Temperature Sensor Identify.


For Help on the next level, i.

3Ware Eskalad series

It should be set to off to initiate the sequence for the stagger spin-up during hot-plug process. The port-based ‘set’ command clears the specified type statistics. Note that the appropriate kernel device drivers should be loaded for the list to show all controllers. This command shows a general summary of all detected controllers.

This command reports the queue policy of the specified unit. If an error condition or degraded state has been detected, the enclosure alarm or buzzer would be audible.

The reverse attribute reverses this order and shows 3wars most recent alarm at the top of the table. For dual-ported drives, although there are two connections to a drive, the drive is segies identified with one vport handle.