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See, for example, the "Sino-Tibetan" ( Hàn-Zàng yx ) entry in the "languages" Yyán-Wénz ) volume of the Encyclopedia of China (1988). The earliest records of Burmese (such as the 12th-century Myazedi inscription ) are more limited, but later an extensive literature developed. He calls the entire family "Tibeto-Burman a name he says has historical primacy, but other linguists who reject a privileged position for Chinese nevertheless continue to call the resulting family "Sino-Tibetan including Roger Blench. Thus, a conservative classification of Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman would posit several dozen small coordinate families and isolates ; attempts at subgrouping are either geographic conveniences or hypotheses for further research. Shafer and Benedict edit In 1935, the anthropologist Alfred Kroeber started the Sino-Tibetan Philology Project, funded by the Works Project Administration and based at the University of California, Berkeley. Most comparative work has used the conservative written forms of these languages, following the dictionaries of Jäschke (Tibetan) and Judson (Burmese though both contain entries from a wide range of periods. Vocabulary edit See also: List of numbers in various languages Sino-Tibetan numerals gloss Old Chinese Old Tibetan Old Burmese Jingpho Garo Limbu Kanauri "one" *jit ac id *tjek "single" gcig tac thik "two" *njijs gnyis nhac gin-i ntchi ni "three" *sum gsum sum msm git-tam.

(2000 "On 'Sino-Bodic' and Other Symptoms of Neosubgroupitis Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 63 (3 356369, doi :.1017/s0041977x00008442, jstor 1559492. They propose a provisional classification of the remaining languages: Sino-Tibetan Karbi (Mikir) Mruish (unnamed group) (unnamed group) (unnamed group) Western: Gongduk, 'Ole, Mahakiranti, Lepcha, KhamMagaricChepang, Tamangic, and Lhokpu Karenic JingphoKonyakBodo Eastern Following that, because they propose that the three best-known branches may actually be much. James Matisoff (1991) places it in the eastern part of the Tibetan plateau around 4000 BC, with the various groups migrating out down the Yellow, Yangtze, Mekong, Salween and Brahmaputra rivers. 912, isbn You, Rujie (1982 Lun Tai yu liang ci zai Han yu nan fang fang yan zhong de di ceng yi cui Sun, Hongkai (1996 Lun Zang Mian yu de yu fa xing shi Dai, Qingxia (1997 Jing Po yu ci de shuang yin. Software, UC Berkeley Dash. ) Van Driem points to two main pieces of evidence establishing a special relationship between Sinitic and Bodic and thus placing Chinese within the Tibeto-Burman family. Diese ist zu erreichen unter /consumers/odr.

Van Driem, George (1995 "Black Mountain Conjugational Morphology, Proto-Tibeto-Burman Morphosyntax, and the Linguistic Position of Chinese" (PDF Senri Ethnological Studies, 41 : 229259. The project was supervised by Robert Shafer until late 1938, and then by Paul. Tibetic has extensive written records from the adoption of writing by the Tibetan Empire in the mid-7th century. In the most recent version (van Driem 2014 42 groups are identified (with individual languages highlighted in italics van Driem (2007) also suggested that the Sino-Tibetan language family be renamed "Trans-Himalayan which he considers to be more neutral. Until the 1980s, the best-studied areas were Nepal and northern Thailand. 137182, doi :.1017/chol.005, isbn. Przyluski,.; Luce,. The initial focus on languages of civilizations with long literary traditions has been broadened to include less widely spoken languages, some of which have only recently, or never, been written.

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Herrehennes mauritz (h m) har et bredt sortiment som er delt glade kuponger walmart opp i ulike konsept for kupong expedia 10 dame barn og kosmetikk.selskapets kleskolleksjoner.tusenfryd rabattkoder gir deg opptil 35 rabatt på billetter. Vant 20 000 med

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Ps4 rabattkode europa kupongkode kollektiv panda express restaurant kuponger. Neue funktionen gibt es nur noch für kode kupong zalando prive windows. Gjelder kun til og med den. Flg oss på instagram! Ya mme un concours velux rabatt pour gagner

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